Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meigetsuin temple in Kamakura, beautiful hydrangea garden

Have you ever been there....?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kuroshima~It's a heart shaped island,near Ishigaki Island,Sanshin night!Like Okinawa

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've been to Osaka!Osaka people,language,and FOOD,it's so exciting!

This is a hotel I stayed," Oriental Hotel".
It's located near mail streets,stations,
I think it so convenient and clean!

This is famous"Do-tonbori street"

Do you know Glico?It's a famous confectionery company in Japan,and the man raising his hands in the electric advertising boad is a old character of this company.This boad is so large,and many people who visit Osaka take a pictures of this man.

It's an alley called "Ho-zenji yokocho"
In this alley,There are lots of bars,restaurants which are more classy than those in other area.
There is a little different atmosphere from other places।
You can spend a wonderful night in this alley.

These are what I saw in "Do-tonbori Gokuraku Syoutengai" She is very funny,looks like japanese commedian,
and she plays music with the saw!
It makes a very nice tunes with some sense of nostalgia.

They reproduce japanese old town in a building.

This is "Doteyaki"
This is beef gristle on a skewer cooked with 2 several kinds miso ,ginger and negi(leek?)
They sell also konnyaku and quail's eggs on a skewer.I've never had these food before,but they are wonderful taste!And the seller,a woman has much sense of humor!

It's a famous advertising doll,called "Kuidaore doll"
It's also a simbol of culture of foods in Osaka(Minami).

This is a restaurant of globe fish.
They serve only natural fish,not farm-raised.
Lately,most of globe fish in the market is farm-raised,that is cheaper than natural one.
And can you see many fins of the globe fish on the board?Do you know what's for?It's for hot sake with roasted fins in.if you taste it,maybe it's not familiar to you,but once you get used to it,very very tasty and makes you warm in the cold,winter night.

I visited Universal Studio Japan!
But I didn't have enough time to enjoy it.
Just picture I took.....!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

While it's snowing,the flowers are blooming.It's a beautiful contrast.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008